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Concussion in Sport: Why parents and coaches need to know the guidelines. Article by Curt Barnes

The large incidence of concussion and the potential for prolonged adverse effects associated with premature return-to-play has been well established. [1] Concussion is currently one of the most prominent medical concerns in contact sport at all ages and levels of competition. [2] Currently, the best treatment for concussion appears to be prevention but this has...
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Hamstring Injuries: Imaging and Return to Play for the football clinician

It is well established that hamstring muscle strains are prevalent in football and demonstrate high risk of reoccurrence. [1] The burden of hamstring strains is responsible for a number missed training sessions and matches during the football season. Injury rates and player availability have been directly linked to team performance and end of season standings....
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Optimizing training loads and minimizing the risk of injury and illness – Nicole Craddock

Risk stratification and athlete monitoring: optimising training load and minimising the risk of injury and illness How much is too much has been the burning question for many years. What is the proposed or safest workload that will optimise performance and decrease the risk of injury and illness? It is becoming more over the years...
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Q&A with Hollywood Bets Dolphins Cricket Physio – Nick Moffitt

Give us a brief overview of where you work now, and what you’ve been doing since graduating? Qualifications, courses, previous jobs, any life adventures (travelling, marriage etc.) I’m currently working at Prime Human Performance Institute, a high-performance sports medical facility situated in Durban. I’ve also been involved in domestic franchise cricket since 2016 as the...
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Coaching: A science and an art – by Daniel Seha

*Daniel is a young passionate and driven Cricket Coach. He’s completed a BSc. Hons in High Performance Sport. He has been a cricket coach for Cricket Namibia in a number of capacities, from junior national team, to Strength and Conditioning Consulting and Performance Analysis for the Men’s National Team. He is passionate about coaching cricket and...
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Embrace the Science, Stop the BS!

As 2017 rushes towards its end, we look back at another crazy year that almost only left a blurry line behind as it sped past.  To reflect on 2017 and everything that happened in it from a professional point of view, I have decided to get this site going with its very first blog post. ...
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